Missy Elliot offers music advice to artists working on their second album

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Josh Brasted/FilmMagic

Missy Elliot is dropping gems for new music artists. 

In a series of recent tweets, the 51-year-old rapper/producer shared advice for rising stars who are working on their “pivotal” second album.

“Sophomore Albums are a very PIVOTAL time for artist!” she wrote on Twitter. “Here is a gem from MISSY!Your sophomore album be stressful but it’s the BEST ALBUM to EXPERIMENT on!”

She offered some encouragement: “Don’t be AFRAID! Becuz If u play safe you will be BOXED in & its hard to get out because your fans get used to that 1 sound.”

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In a follow-up tweet, Elliot urged artists to listen to their own instincts on music choices. “Secondly! Dear Artist Listen CLOSELY! Go with the songs you feel you should drop not what everyone else suggest!” she said.

“You the Artist must FEEL it YASELF because YOU are the one that have have to SELL it & CONVINCE ppl it’s HOT Go with your GUT! Fearless.”

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The multihyphenate superstar didn’t stop there — “People normally charge for this kind of info but I’m giving this to the artist for FREE now let’s see who will be WISE enough to absorb this knowledge like a sponge and APPLY it to their work! pay ATTENTION I also learned from the GREATS.”

A great in her own right, Elliot responded to a fan who inquired about the importance of the debut album. 

She said in part, “… the 2nd is crucial because if your 1st album do well sometimes you stress trying to make something bigger than the 1st album.

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Considering Elliot’s success of her second album, Da Real World, which garnered hit singles “She’s a B***h,” “All n My Grill” and “Hot Boyz,” seems as if artists should take heed of Elliot’s advice. 

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