Treat yourself to something ‘Special’ with Lizzo’s anthemic new album

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Are you ready for new Lizzo? Her fourth studio album, Special, is finally here, and it’s making major waves across social media.

Special is here,” the Grammy winner raved on Instagram while sharing a silly outtake from her album cover shoot. 

Fans are hailing Special as a much-needed ray of sunshine because of its positive messaging and funk-like elements. A notable track is Lizzo’s retro-sounding love song “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready),” which takes fans into her mind when she began falling in love with her current boyfriend, Myke Wright. The song explores Lizzo’s self-doubt as she questions whether she is ready for a relationship.

“You found me, I was fed up with the fantasy/ What you wanna do? Think I’m ready/ Think you like that, think you like that/ When I clap back like that, let me know,” she chants in the dance track.

Lizzo further explores her romantic journey in the song “Coldplay,” which features Coldplay’s Chris Martin.  The sweet song is about all the little moments that make her feel loved.

Lizzo slows things down in her vulnerable track ”Naked,” which is about her finding and enjoying intimacy with her partner. “I’m naked/ Love how you look at me naked/ Come make this body feel sacred/ I’m a big girl, can you take it?” she sensually croons in the soulful track.

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Special is also packed with feel-good songs that encourage listeners to feel good about themselves. “The Sign” is the Grammy winner’s pandemic track about how she bounced back from a heartbreak and is feeling more confident than ever. “I keep on writin’ these songs/ ‘Cause he keep on doin’ me wrong/ And my girls keep singin’ along/ I guess that I’m not alone,” she sings.

Special is now available across all major platforms.

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