Watch T-Pain audition to be Peloton’s next instructor

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Prince Williams/Wireimage

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Does T-Pain have what it takes to be a Peloton instructor? Check out his audition tape. 

Released Monday, the TikTok clip captures the Grammy winner as he gives viewers a glimpse of what it’d be like to have him guide a Peloton class. 

“Alright Peloton, let’s go,” says T-Pain while riding the stationary bike. “Let’s do this. James, what the f***? Pick it up, buddy. Pick it up. You’re letting Carol beat ya. Look at that output, terrible! Terrible!”

“Cathy, you’re doing great, by the way,” he continues. “It looks like I haven’t been looking at you, but I’ve been watching you all night. It’s been great. Thighs, it’s gonna all go to it. You gonna feel it afterward.”

The clip has since been shared on Peloton’s TikTok and appears to follow a video in which Pain declared his new “permanent” role at the company. “I’ll be your Peloton instructor all the time,” he says.

He also shared a video of him randomly popping up at an ongoing Peloton session. “@onepeloton thank you for having me. Yelling at ppl and not doing much of anything really works up a sweat!!” he penned the caption. “Hope everybody had a good ride/run this morning! Keep up the hard work. I’m gonna go get some pizza.”

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