Chingy makes musical return, opens up about highs and lows of music career on “Can’t Blame Me”

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(NOTE LANGUAGE) Chingy is back, and he has a mission. In his newly released song “Can’t Blame Me,” the rapper opens up about the peaks and valleys of his music career.

“Wanna blame me? / It’s cool, ’cause you ain’t said s*** / You can’t blame me / When rich n****** don’t want you to get rich,” Chingy raps. “Wanna blame me? / I’m good, just stay up out my mitts / You can’t blame me / For holdin’ it down, keepin’ s*** lit.”

Chingy rose to mainstream fame in 2003 when he released his summer track “Right Thurr.” He delivered another club record with “Holidae Inn,” and rapped for the ladies on “Pullin Me Back” and “One Call Away.” This time around, however, the St. Louis native wants to let fans into some of the hardships he’s faced while in the music industry.

“The fans all know my party records and how I can make music for them to have a good time, but I also want them to know about the trials and tribulations I’ve been through,” Chingy told People of his new song. “This single is giving listeners insight to the sabotaging people did to me in this industry.”

“They get to see how I overcame the false rumors and false narratives people exploited about me,” he continued of his fans. “I’m telling the real truth of what happened in my career through this track.”

“Can’t Blame Me,” the lead single off his upcoming sixth full-length studio album, Chinglish, is now available on streaming services. 

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