Pharrell announces 3-day “Mighty Dream” diversity forum

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Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Pharrell Williams

Grammy winning musician Pharrell Williams will host his annual Mighty Dream business forum in Norfolk, Virginia to foster conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion.

On Nov. 1-3, Williams will bring together community members, emerging entrepreneurs, students and business leaders for an engaging conference experience. Alongside food and entertainment experiences, conversations will focus on financial and marketing aspects of business.  

“Mighty Dream will foster the power of conversation, connection and forward thinking leaders to create an environment that will truly accelerate change,” Williams said. “We live in a world where we so desperately need the tools to come together to forge strong relationships and inspire the next generation of leaders.”

In October 2021, Williams hosted a similar forum on the campus of the HBCU, Norfolk State University, where corporate business leaders met to discuss change throughout the state. Pharrell’s message to leaders was to ensure no discrimination within their business and job opportunities for all. 

“I meet and work with brands and organizations from all around the world and many are quick to share the good work they are doing. They all have the same goals, but are approaching things through their perspectives,” the musician said. “Those perspectives are so valuable. I am left wondering… why aren’t all of you talking to each other. If everyone wants to see the same improvement, let’s get together and talk, and perhaps inspire others to act as well. I am happy to host it and make it very special.”

Some aspects of the conference are free to the community while ticket packages are available for purchase on the official website

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