Flavor Flav reveals he’s nearly two years sober

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Hip-hop legend Flavor Flav says he’s thankful for two years of sobriety from alcohol this October.

Taking to Twitter to celebrate the milestone he wrote, “2 years sober next week. Ya boy Flav is not alone in dis journey. Thx to god and family and friends dat support me!!!”

Last year, the rapper shared a similar post on Instagram for his one-year anniversary and included a side-by-side picture of himself from that day compared to a year prior.

“1 year up,,, lotz more to go,” he wrote in October 2021. “Next year I pray my whole family will be walkin the same path I am,,, #sobriety #alcoholfree #1yearsober #dontbelievethehype.”

In a VladTV interview posted in 2019, Flavor Flav, born William Jonathan Drayton Jr., opened up about his 18-year struggle with drugs. 

When asked if “felt guilty” producing the anti-drug song “Night of the Living Baseheads” while he was a drug user at the time, Flavor Flav said, “To tell you the truth, I didn’t have no guilty feeling about it.”

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“Around that time, I was going like 180 mph man with that drug s***, with that coke and crack s***,” he said. Flav said using drugs was “one of the worse mistakes I could’ve ever made with my life.”

Reflecting on his past, Flav said, “I thank God that I’m still living” to talk about and teach about his experience.

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