It’s time to say “I do!”

Shaunie & Keion’s Destination “I Do” premieres tonight on VH1. The three-part special follows Shaunie Henderson and Pastor Keion Henderson as they prepare for their destination wedding on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Anguilla. 

So, what made the couple want to share their journey to the altar with the world? 

“Originally I didn’t,” Pastor Keion admits. “I was against it because of, you know, as a minister, we’re branded and restricted. And there’s so many expectations. And I had all kinds of questions. ‘What will the people say if they see this?'”

However, it was Shaunie that put him at ease and changed his mind.

“She made sure that it was organic,” he shares. “I literally just hopped into her mothership, if you will, and went along for the ride. And I’m so glad that we were able to do it and so proud of the product.”

On the flip side, the former Basketball Wives star is stepping into a new role as a pastor’s wife, which she says was “scary at first.”

“Well, first, everybody assumes that I’m just not a church girl. And I grew up in church, but I definitely have never been a pastor’s wife… so of course, it was it was a little scary at first,” she says.

Some advice reminding her to just be herself from First Lady Serita Jakes, the wife of Bishop T. D. Jakes, helped her out, though. 

She adds, “Along with that and my husband telling me, ‘I don’t need you to be what people want you to be. I just want you to be my wife. I want you to be exactly who you are every day.'”

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