Mariah Carey reveals the ambitious gift she wants for Christmas

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Cara Howe/NBC via Getty Images

Mariah Carey admits she spoils her 11-year-old twins when it comes to holiday shopping, but does the self-professed Queen of Christmas also want to be spoiled, too?

Speaking with E! Online, Mariah was asked if there’s anything she wants underneath her Christmas tree. “The gift of peace and joy for all,” she replied, adding, “That would truly warm my heart. It’s the greatest gift, I think, any of us could ask for.”

Mariah then hinted she already has her special gift, which was performing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with her children by her side at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “They are the sweetest most beautiful gift I’ve ever received in my life,” she declared.

Mariah also explained why she gives Moroccan and Monroe everything they want on their Christmas lists.

“I want them to have everything they want. I want them to have everything I couldn’t and know they can be whoever they choose to,” she said. Mariah also clarified, “They’re always on Santa’s ‘nice’ list, so the surprises are always a treat.”

As for what her twins usually ask for, the singer remarked, “They usually have their lists, and are so excited to walk me through this new game and that new gadget.”

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Aside from gift-giving, what else is Mariah looking forward to this time of year?  She revealed, “I try to have a few days where we just spend time at home, relax, decorate and cook some of our favorite holiday dishes —which includes my anointed greens!”

Mariah said she also likes visiting the “winter wonderland” of Aspen for some skiing with her family, saying it gives them “a kind of festive experience that we can’t get at home.”

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