Lizzo hilariously suspects Seth Meyers got Paul Rudd to spy on her during “day drinking” segment

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Lloyd Bishop/NBC

How strong is Lizzo‘s alcohol tolerance? We found out on Late Night with Seth Meyers when she guested on his perennial “day drinking” segment.

The day started with the two tossing back tequila shots as Lizzo reminisced about her past iconic looks, such as her first Met Gala dress and transforming into Baby Yoda for Halloween. It was also revealed that Lizzo became suspicious of one of the show’s writers, who was wearing a mask, because he looked a little too much like actor Paul Rudd

Meyers refused to let the writer show his full face and instead decided to save the big reveal until the end of the segment.

Lizzo and Meyers then tasted an array of cocktails, from a potion of various wines mixed together to a Bloody Mary that the singer said tasted like Heinz ketchup. 

Among the topics discussed, Lizzo revealed the strangest items she put on her rider were tampons, devilishly hinted she’s a member of the mile high club and refused to disclose who she thinks is the most overrated artist of all time. The two also pretended to date and break up with each other, as inspired by her various heartbreak anthems.

In the end, Lizzo revealed she is a happy drunk who will laugh at practically anything.

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It was also revealed that the writer was not Paul Rudd and was, in fact, The Menu co-writer Seth Reiss. “You don’t look anything like Paul Rudd,” Lizzo commented, before smoothing things over by telling Reiss he looked “really hot” and reminded her of a Greek god.


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