Chlöe on how she practices healthy social media use

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Chlöe is in the upcoming film Swarm, which is said to be inspired by her mentor Beyoncé. The film, like her previous thriller Jane, deals with the negative effects of social media, something she’s all too familiar with. She recently sat down with Pop Crave and discussed the pros and cons of social media relating to her music career.

“It’s such a huge blessing. Because of it, there’s people who know about me, I can connect with my fans online, and that’s how people discovered my sister and I from YouTube,” she says. “I know I would not be here and be able to do what I love, make money off of it and live off of it without social media, right?”

“Now also, with anything good comes bad,” she continues. “People are completely entitled to have any opinions about anything, and I have to come to terms that I can’t please everybody.” While she notes she “wants everyone to feel comfortable, almost to the point where I’ll sacrifice my comfortability,” she says in the past year she’s changed her perspective about negative comments.

“I know God’s proud of me, I’m proud of me, and I’m just happy people are talking,” she says. She adds she sometimes steps away to ensure she has healthy social media use.

Swarm premieres March 17 on Prime Video.


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