Chlöe says her debut album, ‘In Pieces,’ is “about all types of heartbreak”

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ABC/Randy Holmes

From the outside looking in, it may appear Chlöe has it all together, but she says the opposite is true. With her debut album, In Pieces, out Friday, she’s showing fans that she, too, has moments where she breaks.

“The overall narrative of this project is that I don’t have my s*** together, and it’s OK,” she tells People. “No matter how many times I break, I’ll put myself back together.”

Chlöe says her album-making process started during a time when she was really vulnerable. She’d already made her debut as a solo artist with “Have Mercy,” but couldn’t quite understand the criticism about her being too sexy.

“I never understood it. I’d look at my peers and be like, ‘We’re all the same age. They’re showing as much as me, if not more. But if I do it, I’m ridiculed to the max,'” she says, noting she eventually took some time away from Twitter.

“As much as I would see it and try to act like it didn’t affect or bother me, it would. I was starting to believe the lies that the trolls were saying online, and I started to look down on myself even more than what I already was doing with my own insecurities,” the singer continued. “Once I ignored it, I’ve been good.”

Using some of those low moments as inspiration and fuel while working on her album, Chlöe decided her album would be “about all types of heartbreak — not just with a romantic partner, but heartbreak with family and friends that you trusted and thought would always be there for you.”

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She says she no longer worries about pleasing the naysayers who criticize her performances. “I find my confidence onstage,” Chlöe says. “It’s where I flourish.”

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