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Advertise on WEOA 98.5

Reaching Diverse Audiences in Evansville and Beyond

Consider This…

WEOA listeners have the buying power!  Spending $8.2 Million weekly with local area retailers and services!

  • 64% of our 18+ listeners are employed
  • 44% of our listeners have a household income over $50,000
  • Average buying power per our listener is approximately $18,610 annually in retail sales

Consumers spend 85% of their time with ear-oriented media, such as Radio, but spend only 15% of their time with such eye-oriented media as newspapers and magazines! Consumers in Southern California spend an average of 3-hours every day listening to Radio, and generally, are only tuning to 2-3 stations on the radio dial.

Reaching Diverse audiences and beyond in Evansville!

Diverse consumers are taking control of both the economic and media influence they wield and are using it to invest in Black and diverse experiences.  Black-owned media knows how to reach them!

  • Black listeners are 14% higher than the market average in listening to AM/FM radio.

Black-owned does not always mean Black-targeted.  Advertising on Black-owned media can extend reach to other audiences.  People are looking for content where they can see themselves represented, but also an opportunity to experience other cultures and follow great stories.

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Does It Cost A Lot of Money To Advertise On WEOA?

No matter what your marketing budget is we’ll work to make sure your campaign reaches the most listeners and delivers the best results for you. Whether you’re looking for promotions, on-air giveaways, a WEOA vehicle present at your event, a WEOA DJ/Jock endorsement of your product/service, sponsorships, or digital marketing… your success is our ultimate success!

The power of the Black audience


WEOA listeners, $380 Million in spending power annually in Evansville.

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Ed Lander
General Sales Manager
(812) 424-8864

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