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Submit a Public Service Announcement to WEOA

You can submit a PSA to WEOA’s Community Calendar using the form below.
Your PSA should either be a 20-second script, or a 50-second script, ready to air. PSAs
are for non-profit entities only, advertising events or services that will benefit the community
at large. NOTE: If you are not representing a non-profit organization and would like to make

WEOA aware of an event you are hosting, please leave this area and see

“Add Your Event”.

Your PSA message should be a readable script that is no

longer than either 20 seconds or 50 seconds. It must be concise and easy to read.
Start with the essentials: Name, date and time, brief description and contact
information. Any unusual word or name should be accompanied by phonetic pronunciation.
Avoid using e-mail addresses, street addresses and phone numbers when possible.
A web address for more information will guide people to your website for the whole story.

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We have limited airtime for PSAs. Submitting a PSA is not a guarantee of airtime. To
help ensure airtime please consider submitting your PSA at least two weeks in advance.
You can also check on the status of your PSA by emailing weoa_1@yahoo.com

Submit a PSA

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