Supreme teases campaign with André 3000

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Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

André 3000 may be far from the limelight these days, but his impact on music and fashion is known throughout the culture, resulting in his upcoming collaboration with Supreme.

The streetwear brand teased fans on Saturday, posting a photo of the “Hey Ya” rapper on Instagram. In the photo, André dons a white tee with the infamous red logo, pairing it with an olive green jacket, white and black plaid overalls and a red hat. 

Supreme then followed up with a video of André on set, imparting words of wisdom to the camera. “If I ain’t creating nothing, I don’t feel good,” he says. “You know, so at a certain point you gotta feed yourself and sometimes you can’t feed on mimicking.”

“But you gotta put the time in to figure out who you are and what you not, too. A lot of times what you not is very important,” he continues. “You know, cuz you can want to be something but your strength is actually in something else. That is what makes you start to do your own thing, and that’s when your skin starts to breathe and you start to like get into your primal self.”

“And your primal self is your best contribution to the planet,” André concludes.

Fans believe the photo of Three Stacks, taken by Brooklyn photographer Deana Lawson, will be featured on Supreme’s seasonal portrait tee, which previously featured NasGucci Mane and Three 6 Mafia. The brand’s fall/winter 2022 collection will be revealed in a few days. 

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